Day 1 of Holiday Program: Experience ASC Language School

Welcome to our special holiday program. Students in various countries are enjoying a mid-year break right now, and we would like to invite you to an immersion experience at the ASC Language School. Today, you will see the facilities and sample the range of subjects including Academic English as well as Science, Media and Humanities, based on the Australian Curriculum. We have a popular REAL Program (Remote Education Anywhere Live) for students enrolling in many schools across Australia. Here is our flyer.


This short introductory video will start with an overview of ASC International and our courses, followed by a campus tour of the ASC Language School. You will meet Miss Kate Simeon, the Academic Co-ordinator, who is a highly regarded English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EaL/D) specialist with extensive experience in ATAR examinations. We welcome any student to apply for a free trial here