Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the Anglican Schools Commission International, also known as the ASC International.

The ASC International has over 30 years experience offering K-12 courses and the WA Universities’ Foundation Program for overseas students.

With 15 schools in three states and 1 Language School in Perth, Western Australia, we are one of the larger non-government schooling systems in Australia. Our schools are both inclusive and multicultural, and warmly welcome international students whose contributions to school life are highly valued.

We are proud of our programs which offer a holistic educational experience catering to each student’s unique needs and goals. We look after each child “every step of the way”, from Orientation, to English language courses, to student welfare and support and homestay management. It is important for each child to feel valued and cared for and my dedicated team strives to do that every day by working closely with parents, agents and teachers across ASC School campuses.

This team also includes our innovative teaching team at the ASC Language School, which includes specialist teachers highly experienced and trained in working with children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We offer English language support throughout your child’s study journey and assist with their pathway to tertiary education.

If you have any questions, please visit our office in the heart of Perth CBD or feel free to contact us anytime at

Mr Peter Byrne

Director of ASC International