REAL Program | Remote Education


“The REAL Program is great! I enjoy myself tremendously. I have wonderful teachers and engaging lessons.” – N. Teo from Singapore

“The REAL Program lessons are taught through the Office 365 apps, which are very convenient.  The program is well-paced and not too fast. The teachers are very responsible and help you patiently. I feel happy and it gives me the confidence to study while I am living in China.” – Oscar QIAN, China 

As one of Australia ‘s leading system of non-government schools, the Anglican Schools Commission provides flexible program options to suit your learning needs.

Our distance learning environment allows for flexible, engaging and self-paced learning.

Distance Education is defined as teaching the curriculum through virtual and blended learning. Virtual learning is the gaining knowledge or skills through study, experience, collaboration and teaching through the use of information and communication technologies; blended learning is a mix of virtual and face-to-face teaching and learning. Together, these modes of learning provide our students with a highly personalised experience via our REAL Program.

 The REAL Program options include:

  • Preparation for Secondary Studies PSS Flexi (part-time Academic English)
  • Preparation for Secondary Studies PSS (full-time Academic English)
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EaL/D) Year 11-12 ATAR (for onshore remote students only)
  • OLNA Preparation
  • NAPLAN Preparation

These courses are available to students residing outside of Australia without a Student Visa, as well as eligible domestic and international students in both ASC and non-ASC schools.

We foster a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment by coupling state-of-the-art technology with innovative and adaptive teaching practices.

Upon the successful completion of the REAL Program, students can also gain academic credit towards their next course of study.* 

*Successful completion entails fulfilment of the entry requirements set by the student’s intended school (ASC or non ASC). Please feel free to contact for more details