Perfect Score

Cobram Anglican Grammar School student Cody Lincoln achieved a perfect score of 50 in Year 12 physics.

The Year 11 student fast-tracked his final year subject and said he could not believe it when he discovered his score.

“Honestly, I’m still surprised. I wake up and think, yeah, that happened. Like it just feels like a dream,” Cody said.

Cody said physics was a natural fit for him and that the support given to him by his teachers made fast-tracking easier.

“Physics is really just me in a nutshell. I love like, both analytical and practical applications.

It’s very mathematical. And, of course, I’ve got a brilliant teacher that teaches it too, so that helps,” he said.

Cody has nothing but praise for his physics teacher, Gary Smith.

“Mr Smith has been very helpful. He really gave me the motivation I needed to keep going.” This praise is mutual, with Mr Smith describing getting a perfect score of 50 as a rare achievement and well deserved.

As for advice to any student contemplating fast-tracking a year 12 subject, Cody said -organisation and self-belief were crucial.

“It requires good time-management skills to manage your VCE fast-track as well as your ordinary work. And you just really have to keep pushing yourself along and not give up,” he said.

Next year will see Cody finish his secondary education, and much like in Year 11, he plans to give it his all.

“I’ve just got to keep in there. Keep working hard,” Cody said.