Trinity Anglican College 2020 HSC results are a flying success

Trinity Anglican College HSC results have reached new heights in 2020. The College achieved a total of 38 Band 6 results and 96 Band 5 results across all subjects.

One Year 12 student, Lois Segun-Beloved, from Trinity Anglican College earned All Rounder status after scoring a Band 6 or equivalent, the top score available, in all of her subjects when HSC results were released today. These were Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English Advanced. Lois had already completed Mathematics Advanced in 2019 as an accelerant student, attaining a score of 100 in her examination.

In an amazing feat, the top three students in our Mathematics Extension 1 course, who achieved Band 6 results, are accelerant students currently in Year 11. These students are Patrick Duggan, Laxna Bhujel and Ini Segun-Beloved.

Alongside high academic achievers, we also have some incredibly talented creative students – Thomas Summerfield has been nominated for the HSC ENCORE performances for 2020. ENCORE is a program of outstanding performances and compositions by students from the Higher School Certificate Music examinations. Ethan Goodacre has also achieved a nomination for On Stage, in 2021! This means that his individual performance has been assessed and recognised to be amongst the best of the HSC Dramatic performances in 2020.

Our two HSC Music students, Harriette Evans and Thomas Summerfield, have also achieved outstanding results with scores of 98 and 99 in their examinations respectively.

Overall, the College scored well across all subjects:

  • 4% of students achieved one or more Band 6 or E4 results
  • 6% of students achieved one or more Band 5 results
  • 10 students achieved 2 or more Band 6 or E4 results
  • The following students achieved 2 or more Band 6 or E4 results:
    Patrick Duggan, Ethan Goodacre, Annabelle Henderson, Blaynee House, Thomas Kemp, Tabitha McDonald, Stephanie Murray, Lois Segun-Beloved, Ini Segun-Beloved