English Language Courses

The ASC International is proud to have its own language school, the ASC Language School, where students can undertake academic English programs in order to prepare them for study in a mainstream secondary environment.  Located in Perth CBD, students can study in our language school for up to four terms before moving on to any one of our 12 school campuses for mainstream secondary study.

For an overview of our English programs and costs, please refer to INT-ASC Language School Flyer REAL_email .

Beginner English (General English) & Preparation for Secondary Studies Program (PSS)

Beginner English (General English) Course Code 078838J 

This course is designed to introduce students to the early stages of English language acquisition in order to prepare them for the more academic style of English taught in PSS (see below). 

Preparation for Secondary Studies (PSS) Course Code 078837K

The Preparation for Secondary Studies (PSS) Course is an English language program specifically designed to prepare students for entry into secondary school programs.  The course includes some subject content to ensure that students become familiar with the vocabulary and terminology needed to successfully study secondary school subjects.

Students commence in the level best suited to their current language ability. All students are required to pass the Intermediate level of PSS before commencing their secondary course. Students in our PSS program may also partake in mainstream curriculum such as Science and Physical Education classes.

The PSS Program is offered at three different levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. It is dependent on a student’s English proficiency and learning needs.
All levels help students to revise basic grammar, comprehension and vocabulary through practice in writing, speaking, reading and listening activities. The higher levels of PSS will offer a mix of intensive and academic English teaching to help students transition smoothly into mainstream secondary classes.

PSS courses start on the first day of each of Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4. The number of Terms varies according to each student’s English language proficiency and other learning needs.

Students are assessed in writing, speaking, listening and reading assessments and examinations. They receive a comprehensive report and Certificate of Study for each level or course successfully completed.

ASC Language School students are provided with a uniform policy prior to commencement of their study.  It is essential that the uniform be worn to school each day.  Some items will be included and charged with your fee statement.

Students will be given the appropriate course books for each level. These are included as part of the Resource Fee.

8.50am – 2.50pm (Monday to Friday)

10 years old (upon completion of Primary School)

REAL Program (Remote Education Anywhere Live) : Preparation for Secondary Studies

In the REAL Program (Remote Education Anywhere Live), students can choose from the following options for Academic English:

PSS – a full-time remote program  

This program offers Academic English as well as Australian Curriculum subjects like Science, Humanities, Media and Art.

PSS Flexi – a part-time, self-directed program 

This program offers Academic English and the student learns at their own pace over a six-month period for each level of PSS.  Here is an introduction in Mandarin on Wechat.

Enables students to:

  • Continue with full-time school studies in their home country
  • Complete the equivalent of PSS Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels on a part-time basis
  • Articulate to Australian school programs upon satisfactory completion of the PSS program
  • Save time by starting their Academic English program earlier
  • Save on tuition fees by learning English at a self-directed pace using specially pre-recorded lesson material and digital learning resources

Students complete:

  • 10 modules over 25 weeks, delivered via a secure and user-friendly Learning Platform
  • 5-6 hours of self-paced work each week, using pre-recorded lessons, the digital textbook and workbook as well as homework answers and explanation videos

For a detailed Orientation, please refer to this 20 minute Youtube video.

The course is designed and taught by a highly qualified team of school teachers with specialised post-graduate qualifications such as Masters of Teaching and Master of TESOL.

Feedback and support from teachers are provided through:

  • direct messaging and emails
  • 1-1 consultations by appointment
A wide range of scholarships are available for PSS remote students to help offset the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us for more information on admissions@asci.edu.au

The ASC Language School is a fully accredited member of English Australia.

EaL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) for Years 7-12

Hi I am Kate Simeon, the Academic Coordinator of ASC Language School. We offer  English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EaL/D) course for both Years 11 and 12 ATAR and Middle School. The EaL/D course is designed for students who speak  another language or dialect as their ‘home’ language. EaL/D focuses on developing the competent use of standard Australian English in a range of contexts and teaching  academic English skills needed  for tertiary studies. SCSA eligibility conditions apply. Please feel free to contact us anytime at admissions@asci.edu.au for any questions about English learning or EaL/D eligibility. 

As a Microsoft Incubator School, the ASC Language School uses the latest Edutech platforms and applications. Our teachers are TRBWA registered and TESOL trained. The Microsoft certifications achieved by our team include:

  • Microsoft Certified Educators
  • Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE)
  • Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIEE)

“I used to get 50s when I was doing English ATAR and now I get 80s in EaL/D ATAR. As someone from a non-English speaking background, it took me longer to process what was taught in English lessons. In EaL/D ATAR, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation mistakes are taken into account and do not affect your marks as much. The content is more relatable and do not require you to have a ‘native Australian’ background.” – Teena Kim, Year 12 EaL/D student

A hybrid learning model with a minimum of 55 hours of teaching per unit:

  • 3 x 50 minute (2 off grid and 1 on grid)
  • 2 x 50 minute prerecorded lessons or independent work on set tasks

For more information on EaL/D and course eligibility, please  feel free to contact me on ksimeon@asci.edu.au or admissions@asci.edu.au anytime.

Please see our EaL/D Flyer.

EALD – Non International StudentPer Annum- School to Pay2,2002,500
EALD – International Student*Per Annum-Student to Pay1,000900