We are excited to announce two new appointments to the ASC Head Office team from the beginning of 2024.

The Reverend Eleanor O’Donnell – Director of Anglican Identity

The Reverend Dr. Eleanor O’Donnell will commence in late January as our first fulltime Director of Anglican Identity. Eleanor has a strong background in school chaplaincy and religious studies. She is well known in both WA and Victoria, having served recently as Chaplain to Hale School in Perth.

Over the past two decades, Eleanor held similar positions at Ballarat Grammar School, Geelong Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar School and St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart. Currently she serves as the Head of Religious Education at St Virgil’s College in Tasmania.

As our Director of Anglican Identity, Eleanor will work with our governors, leaders, chaplains and teachers to ensure our mission, vision, and core values are integrated into our operations. She will provide professional support and learning opportunities to our schools, assisting them in enhancing their Anglican Identity.

Eleanor holds a Bachelor of Theology with Distinction, a Graduate Diploma of Education, Honours in Theology and a PhD. Her PhD thesis was “The Relational Power of God: Considering the Rebel Voice.” Eleanor’s thesis was published as a book earlier this year. Eleanor is married to Dennis (a teacher), and they have three adult sons who live in Tasmania.

Ms. Kathryn Paul – Director of Teaching and Learning

Ms. Kathryn Paul also will commence in January as our Director of Teaching and Learning, replacing Dr. Penelope Russell who leaves us at the end of the year. Currently serving as the Dean of Teaching and Learning at John Wollaston Anglican Community School and having previously held significant leadership positions at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, Kathryn brings a wealth of experience to this position.

The Director of Teaching and Learning is responsible for championing and integrating the ASC’s new Vision for Learning across all schools, fostering professional learning networks, and overseeing data analysis to set educational benchmarks. This role builds strategic partnerships with educational institutions, keeping abreast of latest research and innovation, and guiding school leaders.

Kathryn will facilitate leadership development, offer mentoring and coaching, coordinating professional events and resource development. The Director is responsible for ensuring the ASC’s Religious Studies Curriculum is taught and resourced across our schools.

Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Education (majoring in English literature) and has completed the Wollaston Certificate for Anglican Leaders. She served as a member of the ASC’s Vision for Learning Working Group. Kathryn is married to Ian (an Inclusion and Diversity Manager at Synergy).

We look forward to welcoming Eleanor and Kathryn to our Head Office team in 2024.