Peter Carnley Anglican Community School Unveils New 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School proudly launched its latest 2024-2028 Strategic Plan last month. The plan, developed through extensive research and collaboration, outlines ambitious goals to drive the School’s success.


Through conversations, workshops, and an Appreciative Inquiry process, stakeholders were invited to consider PCACS as a community of learners set amongst the broader community of parents, staff, and The Anglican Schools Commission, in the context of our School located in the southwest corridor of Perth.


Principal Ms Felicity House and Chair of Council Mr Philip Goldsworthy state that “This Strategic Plan is the result of deep consideration of the cornerstones of a PCACS education, as we envisioned the next five years and beyond.


Guided by The Anglican Schools Commission Strategic Plan, the School Council worked closely with the Principal and School Executive to produce an authentic and bespoke Strategic Plan, capturing the unique characteristics of our young and aspirant community as we move into the next chapter of PCACS life”.


The PCACS Strategic Plan’s Five Strategic Pillars are:


Anglican Community: Exploring faith, meaning and purpose. We celebrate our Anglican identity through worship and service to others, growing people of strong values and character.


Purposeful Learning: Inspiring a culture of thinking, learning and action. We create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, inspiring our students to be creative, adaptable, critical and engaged thinkers, who can make meaningful contributions to the world around them and thrive as life-long learners.


Flourishing Community: Nurturing a culture of wellbeing. We create the environment for our community to flourish through proactive pastoral care practices, a positive and inclusive school culture, where everyone takes personal responsibility for their wellbeing and supports others to flourish.


Connected Community: Fostering a culture of connection. We actively build connections between and within the School and the community, growing strong relationships and creating opportunities.


Sustainable Community: Maintaining a culture of stewardship. We create a culture of stewardship, accountability and good governance where resources are managed for the sustainable growth of the School.