Voice, Treaty, Truth

Students and teachers from ASC schools and Independent Anglican schools were fortunate to attend workshops exploring Voice, Treaty, Truth, during a recent visit to WA by Aboriginal Christian leader and Wakka Wakka woman Brooke Prentis.

The visit was organised by the WA Anglican Schools Association (WAASA) with Brooke delivering a series of workshops to students, teachers and school leaders in both Perth and Bunbury, to allow as many schools as possible to attend.

Brooke aimed to broaden the perspectives of attendees and emphasised the role of educators in promoting Aboriginal understanding and a united future.

During the student workshop, Brooke discussed Aboriginal leadership, the core calls of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, the Voice to Parliament and the importance of reconciliation.

Hear from Brooke and some of our student attendees on the and significance and learnings of Voice, Treaty, Truth.